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1 December 2020 - 2 December 2020
Ireland-Thailand Virtual Dairy Trade Mission 2020

Irish Dairy Exporters


Established in 1913, Arrabawn is a farmer owned agri-based organisation. It processes over 400 million litres of milk annually from over 1,000 shareholder farmers. Supplying both retail and ingredient channels, Arrabawn produce premium dairy specifications of butter, casein, caseinate, skim milk powder, whey powder and custom dairy blends specific to customer needs.

Website: www.arrabawn.ie 

E-mail: info@arrabawn.ie

Phone: +353 674 1800

Aurivo Co-Operative Ltd is an innovative, multipurpose agricultural co-operative with business interests in dairy ingredients, consumer foods, retail stores, animal nutrition and livestock marts. Aurivo has an extensive portfolio of regional, national and international consumer foods brands, including For Goodness Shakes sports nutrition; Connacht Gold; Organic for Us; and Donegal Creameries. It also exports butter and enriched milk powder to almost 50 countries worldwide.

Website: www.aurivo.ie 

E-mail: dairyingredients@aurivo.ie

Phone: +353 94 986 0114

Carbery is a leading global manufacturer of speciality and nutritional dairy ingredients as well as flavours and cheeses. Carbery’s nutrition business pioneers, manufactures and markets a comprehensive range of advanced whey proteins. Carbery also produce innovative cheese solutions for domestic and international markets. They produce a range of cheese and have also built up an international flavours division. They supply to industrial, retail and food service channels globally.

Website: www.carbery.com 

E-mail: info@carbery.com

Phone: +353 23 884 7222

C.P. Ingredients has over 30 years’ experience supplying dairy ingredients to global markets. The range includes milk powders, yoghurt powders, cream powders, butter, ghee and AMF. Its company, GoBia have developed a range of clean label dairy concentrates, which concentrate authentic dairy flavours to deliver cost savings with lower fat, calories and cholesterol. GoBia have also developed a wide range of functional powder blends to consistently produce high-quality cheese types. The company’s flavour house, Flaverco, has an extensive library and can create bespoke flavours to suit every profile.

Website: www.cpingredients.com

E-mail: sales@cpingredients.com

Phone: +353 6 130 0909

Dairygold Co-Operative Society is Ireland’s leading farmer owned co-operative located in the heart of the Golden Valleys in Southern Ireland. Its Glenor Brand offers a wide selection of dairy ingredients, nutritional powders and cheese solutions. Their commitment is to add value at every point in the value chain through customer collaboration and innovation supported by exceptional customer service. By adding value through innovation, research and industry-leading processing techniques, they commit to sustainably convert their grass-fed milk into top quality dairy ingredients to nourish a growing world.

Website: www.dairygold.ie 

E-mail: info@dairygold.ie

Phone: +353 252 4411

Dansko are an independent, family owned dairy company, established in 1986. They specialise in sourcing and supplying dairy ingredient solutions to the global market. Their BRC accredited production facility delivers the finest Irish produce as well as sourcing product from UK, EU, North America and Oceania, exporting both traded and value add dairy products to over 16 countries, spanning three continents.

Website: www.danskofoods.com

E-mail: info@danskofoods.com

Phone: +353 500 5544

Glanbia Ireland is a global agri-food and nutrition business, with a diverse portfolio of quality ingredients and solutions, leading consumer and agri-brands. The ingredients business is a solutions partner to some of the world’s leading companies and brands. At the forefront of ingredient technology, Glanbia offer a range of solutions to match the ever-changing demands of the food and nutrition industry and its consumers. With quality dairy and grains sourced from 5,000 Irish family farms, combined with advanced market research and insights, their unique platform offers fully traceable and sustainably produced natural solutions to help customers stay ahead of the curve.

Website: www.glanbia.com

E-mail: solutions@glanbia.ie

Phone: +353 56 883 6000

Founded in 1995, Glenstal Foods is a leading Irish dairy company and is a global dairy supplier, selling quality dairy products and ingredients. They specialise in working with retail, food service and manufacturing industries. Their main products include butter, cheese, nutritional powders, milk powders and casein.

Website: www.glenstalfoods.com 

E-mail: info@glenstalfoods.com

Phone: +353 6 138 6511

Kerry, the Taste & Nutrition company, offers solutions that nourish lives all over the world. From humble beginnings as an Irish dairy co-operative, Kerry has grown into an international food industry leader, with offices in 32 countries, 147 manufacturing facilities and is an employer to over 25,000 people globally, including over 900 food scientists. Kerry has a strong food heritage that is coupled with over 40 years of experience, global insights and market knowledge, culinary and applications expertise as well as its unique solutions which enables it to anticipate and address its customers’ needs.

Website: www.kerry.com

E-mail: info@kerry.ie

Phone: +353 4 593 1000

Lakeland Dairies co-operative has been producing milk products for over 120 years. Annually, Lakeland Dairies process in excess of two billion litres of milk supplied by 3,200 farming families producing milk powders, proteins and dairy fats including skim milk powder, fat filled milk powder, full cream milk powder, acid casein and butter.

Website: www.lakeland.ie

E-mail: foodingredients@lakeland.ie 

Phone: +353 49 436 4200

Established in 1928, North Cork Creameries is a farmer owned co-operative, processing 300 million litres of milk annually from its 270 of farmer shareholders. Supplying both Retail and Ingredient channels, North Cork produce premium butters including sweet cream butter and whey butter as well as high specification powders including skim milk powder, sweet whey powder, and rennet caseins.

Website: www.northcorkcreameries.com

E-mail: info@northcorkcreameries.com

Phone: +353 295 0003

Ornua is a dairy co-operative which markets and sells dairy products on behalf of its members; Ireland’s dairy processors and Irish dairy farmers. Ornua operates from 10 business units worldwide, including 14 production facilities with a global team of 2,200 employees. They have teams working in-market across all four corners of the globe. Ornua Ingredients is responsible for the procurement of Irish and non-Irish products and for the sale of dairy ingredients to food manufacturing and foodservice customers across the world. Ornua Ingredients is also responsible for managing volatility through de-risking and trading strategies.

Website: www.ornua.com 

E-mail: ingredients.dublin@ornua.com

Phone: +353 1 661 9599

Tipperary Co-operative Creamery Ltd is a 100% farmer owned co-operative. With over 100 years of dairy processing experience, they are widely renowned for the manufacture of high quality, technically differentiated dairy ingredients. Tipperary has been a leading supplier of milk powders to the infant formula manufacturing sector and food ingredient sector, both within Ireland and across Europe for over 40 years. They produce high heat – heat stable, low spore skim, buttermilk and whey powders. They also produce cheeses in their highly automated cheese factory that vary from continental style to processed cheese formats, and vary from retail and food service packs to highly functional ingredient formats. Tipperary Co-operative also produces butter for the retail and food ingredient sector.

Website: www.tipperary-coop.ie 

E-mail: jlewis@tipperary-coop.ie

Phone: +353 623 2000


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